Phoenix 23.12.01, Eagle 23.12.01 and Terragon 23.12!

Saturday, Jan 20, 2024 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix, eagle

Happy new year to all Macaroni OS and Funtoo users! We are happy to announce a new bugfix release for Phoenix and Eagle 23.12.01 based on the tree of 23.12 and the release Terragon 23.12: We have autogen the Apache package, a fix that will be available for Funtoo users in harvester/24.01 soon. This permits an upgrade to version 2.4.58 with tons of security fixes. See later for the details.

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Phoenix 23.12 and Eagle 23.12!

Monday, Dec 25, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix, eagle

Macaroni OS is about two years old and we want to thank all the people who helped to reach this result. Thank you! For this reason, without to have a complete build pipeline for a new version of the Phoenix release, we want to tag the release 23.12 of Macaroni Phoenix with anothers big steps: This releaes contains the upgrade of ZFS to version 2.2.2 with important bugfix of the release 2.

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New Phoenix 23.11 based on Funtoo Next!

Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix

We are happy to announce that after three intense months we have finally completed the migration of Macaroni Phoenix to a Funtoo Next based system. This is a really good milestone for us because after two years we have been a big step ahead, before becoming an independent project, entering in the Docker Sponsored program, and now with the first big release upgrade. The world is buggy so we are sure that something will be also present in this first big step but we hope the community and the users will be happy about how things grow.

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New Macaroni-Security Repository is here!

Saturday, Aug 12, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix

Finally, it’s available the new macaroni-security repository! Considering that the Funtoo release 1.4-prime is in EOL, we will use the macaroni-security repository to share security patches and updates of Browsers, Devs tools, and other packages meantime we rebooting Phoenix’s branch to Funtoo Next. Due to this change, all users using Macaroni Phoenix MUST add the macaroni-security repository before executing any update. $> luet repo update $> luet i repository/macaroni-security $> luet repo update $> luet upgrade The repository macaroni-security uses the new tree v2 which requires luet version 0.

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New features incoming with 23.06 releases!

Saturday, Jun 24, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix, terragon

We have important news to share: the development of our PMS continues and finally, we have rewritten the method used to bump a new revision of the repository. This enhancement integrates a new way to create the tree tarball used on repo update command. This new implementation breaks the existing implementation. For this reason, we will migrate to the new implementation in August or September. This will permit to users to upgrade to the minimal luet version requires: version 0.

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Macaroni OS Phoenix 23.05 is out!

Monday, May 15, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix

We are happy to announce the new release Phoenix 23.05 that contains the first significant change needed to migrate the Phoenix tree from the Funtoo release 1.4-prime to the Next release, an activity that will be completed for the subsequent releases. In particular, with this release is dropped the support of Python 2.7 in EOL for a lot of months. The package dev-lang-2.7/python is yet available because a lot of Funtoo packages depend on it for compilation but it’s discouraged the use.

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Macaroni OS Phoenix 23.03.02 is out!

Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix

After receiving the first notifications we caught an issue in our last ISOs related to the split of the Grub package done to divide the grub-emu binary. It’s been removed for error the Grub’s patches related to ext4 1.47.0 and of Macaroni initramfs naming. Without the patch the default installation fails on setup grub because it’s used ext4 and an unknown filesystem error is generated by grub. The new ISOs will be available in two days.

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Macaroni OS Phoenix 23.03.01 is out!

Monday, Mar 20, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix

While we have worked on preparing the new ISOs for the release 23.03 we have figured out that was better to bump a new release with the changes of the Calamares plugin to migrate our ISOs to kernel 6.1. In particular, the ISOs for Desktops have now the kernel 6.1.18 with built-in integration with new Realtek wifi cards. Unluckily not yet the cards 8852b e 8852be that will be available on branch 6.

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Macaroni OS Phoenix 23.03 is out!

Saturday, Mar 11, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni, release, phoenix

Finally, after two months of hard work, the release Phoenix 23.03 is out and is the first Desktop release under the new domain. In these two months, we had to follow infrastructure issues (broken hard disks) and create the new Macaroni network. This is one of the reasons we have skipped the release of February. We want to thank again the GARR consortium that is now our primary mirror under our CDN and this will permit in the next weeks to expose again the ISOs download page and our LXD images.

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Friday, Jan 20, 2023 by Daniele Rondina macaroni

After 1 year of incubation under the Funtoo Foundation, the Macaroni OS has now its domain and its infrastructure. Really, thanks to the Funtoo Foundation and Daniel Robbins for its support that helped to Macaroni OS to be here today. From the infrastructure aspect nothing is changed, all compilation tasks are executed over MottainaiCI cluster but with less resource power for now. We hope that the community will help us to maintain the infrastructure costs with donations over our Github Sponsor or with VMs donations for compilation.

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