New Macaroni-Security Repository is here!

Saturday, Aug 12, 2023| Tags: macaroni, release, phoenix

Finally, it’s available the new macaroni-security repository!

Considering that the Funtoo release 1.4-prime is in EOL, we will use the macaroni-security repository to share security patches and updates of Browsers, Devs tools, and other packages meantime we rebooting Phoenix’s branch to Funtoo Next.

Due to this change, all users using Macaroni Phoenix MUST add the macaroni-security repository before executing any update.

$> luet repo update
$> luet i repository/macaroni-security
$> luet repo update
$> luet upgrade

The repository macaroni-security uses the new tree v2 which requires luet version 0.37.0 or greather.

This repository is also a good example for the users about how could create their repository starting from the Phoenix base layer and then using luet-build and luet-portage-converter to generate their packages.

Macaroni OS enter on Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program

We are really happy to announce that we are entered into the annual Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program.

The macaronios docker user is now an organization.

We will complete the right setup in the next month.

Really, thanks to Docker Inc. for this opportunity.

Phoenix 23.08 is out!

This release introduces updates about the available Browsers and a lot of new packages for the development incoming with the macaroni-security repository:

In particular, between the rest:

* Firefox 116.0.2

* Google Chrome 115.0.5790.110

* Brave 1.56.20

* Jenkins 2.410

* Vivaldi 6.1.3035.257

* Openssh v9.3p2 (CVE-2023-38408)

* Thunderbird 115.1.0

* Github Cli 2.32.1

* MongoDB Compass 1.39.1

In addition, the new kernels are now available with the fix for CVE-2023-3269.

See the complete changelog of Phoenix Security 23.08 release and on Github.

The macaroni-phoenix repository will be freeze or with few updates until the migration from Funtoo 1.4-prime to Next.

Terragon 23.08 is out!

A new release of the Funtoo Next release for Container is out.

The new release contains the migration to luet tree v2 that improve 3x the repository update time:

minion ~ $> time luet repo update --force macaroni-terragon
🏠 Repository:              macaroni-terragon Revision: 208 - 2023-06-14 15:13:15 +0000 UTC

real	0m18.193s
user	0m4.807s
sys		0m1.236s

minion ~ $> time luet repo update --force macaroni-terragon-dev
🏠 Repository:          macaroni-terragon-dev Revision: 228 - 2023-08-11 15:15:06 +0000 UTC

real	0m6.312s
user	0m0.477s
sys		0m0.788s

This release is a maintenance release that contains between the rest:

* Rust v1.71.0

* Grafana v10.0.3

* Nodejs v20.5.0

* Prometheus v2.46.0

* Openssh v9.3p2 (CVE-2023-38408)

See the complete changelog of Terragon 23.08 release on Github.

What next?

Hereinafter, out hot points in our backlog:

  1. The refactor of luet-build go ahead and we will rename our PMS at the end of this refactor with the new name anise/anise-build.

  2. Considering that the Funtoo release 1.4-prime will be in EOL for the end of the year we will move soon both Eagle and Phoenix release to the new tree. We will share for 3 or 4 months the repository macaroni-phoenix-legacy and macaroni-eagle-legacy to permit users using the 1.4-prime to manage a more quiet migration but without updates.

  3. At the moment the luet-portage-converter doesn’t manage for the same package multiple versions. When the refactor of luet-build will be ended we will review this feature to support multiple version in the same repository (for example, having multiple release of Nodejs package).

We waiting for you

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Many thanks to all Funtoo devs that are the sap of all this and to all people that helps us with testing and donations.

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