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Supply a binary Linux OS that is easy to install and customize for the Desktop, Server and for the Container world (Incus/LXD, Docker, Singularity/Apptainer).
In particular, with an eye on optimize Incus/LXD technology and setup to permit the best integration with lxd-compose tool.
Macaroni Linux OS is a young distribution born as an incubation project under the Funtoo Linux umbrella for one year and now it's grow and has his domain and infra.
It's been created by Daniele Rondina (ex Sabayon Linux developer) aka geaaru.
The name Macaroni comes from the pinguin species found from the Subantarctic to the Antarctic Peninsula. It bears a distinctive yellow crest.



If you want to help us on support the infra costs you can donate over the our Github Sponsor.


This distribution is here thanks the initial support of the Funtoo Foundation and to Daniel Robbins aka drobbins, thanks to our partners and thanks to donations.
Many many thanks.

Our Partners

Maintaining a distro is hard and we really love all consortiums, opensource initiative and people that help us with this.


Simple Installation

With the Luet tool is very fast and easy install. A GUI is on our backlog.

Free updates

Yeah, I'm free and available through the Macaroni repositories and through the Cloudflare CDN.

Automate everything

The build of the packages is managed through Mottainai CD/CI or through lxd-compose and could be customized from users easily.

Multiple Releases

Macaroni OS supplies different releases for different requirements and others are on the way.

Customize packages to install at runtime

Through the subsets you can choose what files install and reduce the spaces used on your rootfs.

Validate installation

We working on tools that permit to validation of the hashes of the installed files and catch corrupted modified by an attack.


Do you think I could integrate more features?

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